Together we are the strongest women in the world.

All women have dreams and goals. We have different life situations and experience different expectations from the outside world. But we have a lot in common. We are women and we can do anything. We are able to take a step towards positive change, a step towards feeling better, a step towards good health.

For a couple of years now, the health of Swedish women has been going in the wrong direction - both mentally and physically. There are far too many of us who are on sick leave due to burnout or risk our long-term health because we are too sedentary. We need to get more people moving regularly.

Power Woman is the platform that promotes good health among all women through exercise. We go from theory to action, from elite to everyone, from the couch to movement. We want to include, act and inspire for all women's mental and mental health. With us, there are no obstacles, no thresholds, no fashion or body ideals. We embrace all forms of exercise - from a walk around the neighborhood or a bike ride to work, to groups competing together.

At Power Woman, there is the collective power that arises when women move. A force that makes it possible to achieve our dreams and goals. Together we take the step out of the sofas and office chairs. The step towards good mental and physical health for the rest of your life.

Make a difference

Be the change you want to see in the world. When it comes to creating a positive change, the Power Woman Foundation has a variety of programs and initiatives that you can get involved in. We look fo


Our Mission


Our mission is to work for the power of women in society. We run projects that support individuals and organizations that preventively and actively support women's well-being both physically and mentally.

We believe that better physical health, stronger finances, independence and self-esteem give women the opportunity to increase their quality of life and well-being, which also leads to positive effects on her environment.

What we do

The Power Woman Foundation works to ensure that all women, regardless of age, ability, condition, socio-economy or place of residence, take the step and move for their long-term health. The Power Woman Foundation promotes health for all women through exercise. We go from theory to action, from everyone to the elite, from the couch to movement. There is a great need for exercise for increased mental and physical health among women. A shift from words to action is required.

Who we are

We are an independent, non-profit foundation that is driven by change and development of women's health issues.

The purpose of our foundation is to work for women's physical and mental health and equal rights in our society.

Our Organization raises funds for various projects and initiatives. You are welcome to get involved! We depend on your support to be able to help people and create a better world for future generations. Contact us for how you can contribute financially or voluntarily.

Anna, the founder

Anna WretlingGrundareMBA Economics, Serial entrepreneur & Triathlete

Anna – the founder of the foundation. The entrepreneur behind the brand and corporate business that designs high-functional training clothes for women. As well she is the founder of Team Powerwoman athletic club – a non-profit sports association with thousands of members and where women find strength, community and joy in training. Anna’s mission and passion is to work for women’s health and now by starting the third leg of her entrepreneurial triangle, a foundation, she can work for women’s mental and physical health through projects on a charity basis.

ra stress är via fysisk aktivitet”- Anna

Power Woman Athletic Club

Team Powerwoman Athletic Club is a non-profit sports association that was founded in 2018 with the ambition to work for women's health and the joy of movement, especially in fitness sports. Membership is free and currently the association has about 2300 members and grows by about 100 members a month. The team was strengthened this spring with a new board consisting of nine active athletes. There are 15 non-profit ambassadors around Sweden who do events, training and education. Everyone is welcome, the only wish is that all members are kind and respectful to their fellow sisters. The association is a member of the Swedish National Sports Association and also belongs to the Swedish Triathlon Association, the Swedish Cycling Association, the Swedish Ski Association.

Power Woman Athletic Club
  • Give all women the right to live a active lifestyle.

    The Power Woman Foundation is an inclusive organization, because all women can move. Elite, everyday exerciser, young, old, socio-economic status - it does not matter what you identify as. A special focus is on women in areas where exercise occurs to a lesser extent.

  • Get more women to be physically active

    The Power Woman Foundation makes women take the step from sedentary to physical movement. We do this by identifying obstacles, understanding how and why sitting still is so widespread, finding ways around and above all: offering activities to get more women moving. We also welcome men who want to support their daughters, wives, mothers, girlfriends or other women in their lives.

  • Pay attention to and create commitment to women's physical and mental health

    To improve women's mental and physical health, more people need to get involved in the issue. The Power Woman Foundation acts as a platform to gather actors who want to get involved in inspiring and disseminating knowledge to promote women's mental and physical health.